Welcome to RoboSNP!

RoboSNP is intended to help researchers identify genomic variants in particular transcripts quickly and easily. Enter a gene name or SNP identifier then select from a list of transcripts and RoboSNP will display known human variants within CEU/EUR populations. You can filter results according to consequence type, the default only shows Synonymous and Non-synonymous SNPs. Besides each consequence type is the number of SNPs found of this type within the selected transcript.


At present creating accounts gives you no added benefit, however in future you will be able to save/download a selection of SNPs and upload your own VCF files for live integration into the site.


RoboSNP is a project within the Prof. Willem Ouwehand lab at the Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge. We hope to enable broader filtering functionality on the SNP results page as well as including more populations (other than CEU). If you have any further suggestions to improve the functionality of this application please email the developer: Stuart Meacham